Working From Home Week comes to an end

VV 21 July 2

If ever you’ve needed a reason to work from home, today (January 24th) marks the final day of Work From Home Week.

The idea behind the national campaign is to raise awareness of the benefits of flexible, remote working and to offer tips and advice on how people can effectively shift from doing their job in the office to the comfort of their living room, kitchen or bedroom.

According to the organisers of the initiative, over four million people now work from home in the UK – representing an increase of 13 per cent compared with five years ago.

Simon Cliffe, who came up with the concept of the week-long event, said: “Working from home can be an attractive alternative that can get around many of the stresses and strains of office life.”

He added that among the benefits were the ability to achieve a much better work/life balance and to create a working environment that is tailor-made to suit an individual’s needs.

Posted by the Secret Businessman