Will the Budget acknowledge SMEs?

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His brother Andrew may or may not have called a policeman a “pleb”, regardless of this, Graham Mitchell is trying to do all small companies a favour, and for that I salute him.

The businessman has launched the 4th Agenda, which voices dissatisfaction of UK politics and calls for measures for the government to support SMEs rather than hinder them, the Telegraph reports.

For example, Mr Mitchell believes that simple policies such as allowing businesses with fewer than 250 employees to take on hire staff as self-employed individuals, could not only help pull the economy out of recession but could also help tackle unemployment.

 “With one stroke, small businesses would be freed from the red tape, liabilities and legal dangers of taking of hiring.”

“If just half the five million SMEs in Britain hired someone, unemployment and the deficit could be tackled,” he said.

With the Budget just around the corner, we’ll soon see whether politicians sit up and take notice.

Posted by the Secret Businessman