Will a business continuity guide help SMEs?


Start-up businesses can prepare for just about anything, but if the floods around the UK have taught us anything this week, it’s that there are some things that always catch us out.


It was welcome sight (and somewhat ironic), therefore, when the Cabinet Office published a new guide this week, compiled in collaboration with the Business Continuity Institute and Emergency Planning Society, which aims to help SMEs expect the unexpected.


Belying its title – ‘Business Continuity for Dummies’ – the manual is actually a useful survival guide for small and medium-sized firms that can help to reduce the risk of emergencies grinding operations to a halt.


The resulting peace of mind allows SMEs to go about their business more freely and with a renewed confidence that they can manage any of the challenges they may face.


I know how daunting it can be when a business is in its early stages and, had such a guide been available a decade (or two) ago, I can think of plenty of associates who would have found it an invaluable resource.


Business minister Michael Fallon is clearly of the same opinion, highlighting that Business Continuity for Dummies brings together a “wealth of experience” within government.


“Working with business, this book takes an innovative approach to reaching out to the five million SMEs in this country to build the resilience of our communities and our economy,” he added.


That’s five million organisations which can potentially be better prepared in the case of an emergency – the importance of which will not have been overlooked by the flood-stricken organisations across the UK.


Posted by the Secret Businessman