Why your business needs to embrace video calling

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Video conferencing, web chat and Voice over IP (VoIP) can all help your business – no matter its size – move forward and grow

Personal touch
Video conferencing offers you the chance of a face-to-face meeting with clients and staff without having to leave your office. While emails and phone calls are fine, having a face to see makes the meeting much more personal. Not only that but it also makes it easier to judge emotion and responses from clients.

Business VoiP and video conferencing services offer a professional service at a low charge.

Not only that but they reduces travel costs considerably. A report from Concur recently found that small business travel expenses were growing. With video calling you can help reduce these costs. A study from George Mason University also found that 1 hour of travelling by car had the same carbon footprint as 1,000 hours of video conferencing.

Shows you’re moving forward
Clients like companies that have their finger on the pulse. By embracing new technology like web conferencing you show that you are not just keeping abreast of current business trends but also that you are tech savvy enough to use it.

Also, if you’re meeting with a new client using video conferencing you can assume that they have invested in the technology and would like to use it in the future. Showing that you can use it easily puts their mind at rest.

Using video conferencing and web chats can be useful sometimes when you’re not able to commute to meeting venues, and can save you hours every week. Not only that but you can also perform training over video link, hold internal meetings and have quick catch up chats with a number of employees in different locations.

Time spent trying to get everyone’s diaries to match so you can fit a meeting in also drops as you’ll need less overall time for the meeting. This all adds to a more efficient office.


Video conferencing also offers great options when it comes to presentations allowing a level of interactivity you don’t usually get in meetings.

Attendees can comment on projects, suggest and implement edits, download files during the meeting from a shared screen and record the whole process. This reduces the need for follow up meetings and note taking during the call as it’ll all be captured and updated in real time.

Remote working becomes a lot easier when you add in video conferencing. This flexibility to work from wherever you are can give you and your employees are better work/life balance, which in turn makes them happier.

Not only that but many services allow you to expand your options quickly and with little in the way of adding new equipment. It means your business can respond to growth easily and quickly, so if you need to expand you can do so.

Posted by The Secret Businessman