Which Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad character would make the best boss?

The fifth and penultimate series of the Breaking Bad spin-off has returned to Netflix – but how would the wise-cracking lawyer compare in the business world with his network of criminal clients and colleagues?

Better Call Saul is back for a fifth series this week, what better excuse is there to compare Albuquerque’s most corrupt characters?

Saul Goodman
New Mexico’s ‘favourite’ lawyer is a real crisis management expert who oozes charisma, charm and innovative ideas to help his clients navigate tricky business situations. If he were to stray away from the world of advising criminals, image-obsessed Saul would be a perfect fit for a PR agency. “Launder this money here” and “bury that body there” might not be helpful advice for most businesses, but we’re sure he’d be a great fit working with a portfolio of law-abiding businesses.

Mike Ehrmantraut
If your business is looking for someone who isn’t afraid to get hands on, consider making Mike an offer. However, Saul’s right-hand man is probably not everyone’s first choice as a leader. The well-connected hard man shares his employer’s ability to clean up a client’s mess, but it’s his unenthused manner and an overriding sense he’s lost his way, that prevent him from becoming management material.

Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White
The intelligent and enterprising Walt has all the potential to take a product, refine it and make it successful. However, in an age where brand reputation counts for so much, the board may want to pay attention to Heisenberg’s means as well as his ends. Despite owning a car wash his CV is hardly squeaky clean, just ask Jesse about his partner in crime’s way with kids.

Jesse Pinkman
He may like to be referred to as ”Cap’n Cook” but you get the sense Jesse wouldn’t run a particularly tight ship. The high school dropout turned out to be a good scientist and developed a strong chemistry with his partner, but he often proves ineffective when attempting to take control. In his defence he would make a great addition at team socials celebrating your successes.

Gustavo “Gus” Fring
Los Pollos Hermanos head honcho is no stranger to running a successful business, and a second illegitimate enterprise on the side. The cool, calm and composed Chilean could win over potential investors with a real knack for negotiations, however something far more sinister lies beneath. Beware, his insistence on destroying the competition has the potential to blow up in his face.

And the winner is…
With so much blood on their hands, this ensemble would be lucky to get to interview stage. If we had to pick the best of a bad bunch, Gustavo “Gus” Fring probably edges it. Just be cautious if he refers to his office as “the lab”…


Posted by Alex Abdelaziz

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