What your coffee shop choice says about you

Choosing your workspace is one of the perks of being a digital nomad… but what does your coffee shop choice say about you?

When you work on the move, you can pretty much choose anywhere to be your office. There’s usually one constant, though: caffeine! Every freelancer needs their dose of fuel, and your coffee shop of choice says a lot about your working style. Find out what kind of freelancer you are below…

The arty hipster café
The most exclusive of coffee haunts, the arty hipster café is usually a tiny affair with adorable décor. Space is limited, so you’ll probably have to get there really early to get a seat – you must be a planner. The main advantage of this choice of café is the range of interesting coffees to order. You’re likely the kind of person who likes their coffee a bit fancy, ethical, or with locally grown beans, or all three!

The chain coffee shop
Even when you’re working on the go, you’re always looking for a reliable place to put down the laptop and get started on the day’s work. The chain coffee shop is the best bet for having a space free, having all the options you could want and for having the best thing of all: free, constant Wi-Fi. Even if it seems a bit boring to go to the same sorts of places to work, knowing you’re never going to be let down is more important to you.

The roadside diner
Though it may have worn plastic countertops and metal seats, the roadside diner is the coffee shop of choice for happy-go-lucky freelancers. It’s not much, but it can be home – you’re probably a regular, and might even be good friends with the owner! This is both your hangout and working spot, and you’re happiest when surrounded by the bustle of other people living their daily lives, even if the Wi-Fi is a bit patchy!

The emergency coffee shop
The emergency coffee shop can take many forms. Maybe it’s a coffee stand in the park, or maybe an espresso bar, but it’s the last resort when you absolutely have to send that email. If this isn’t your usual coffee spot, you’re probably in a bit of a bind… but if this is your usual place to run to when you’re in a rush, maybe you need to work on your forward planning! That being said, even if you don’t have the best organisational skills, you’re adaptable and can make any space work for you.

Coworking coffee space
You’re a social animal, and like having other people around you to inspire you. Coworking coffee is usually free, and it’s a perk you’re happy to pay for to have a great office space to work in every day. Maybe you don’t get as much choice for your caffeinated drink, but you’ve already made all the hard decisions when choosing a space that works best for you!


Posted by the Secret Businessman