What to look for in a coworking space, in rural areas and the city

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Whether you’re a city slicker or a country bumpkin, there’s a coworking space for you. Make the most of your environment by looking for the right space for your needs, using these tips as a guide.

No matter where you’re based, there are certain factors that take a coworking space from “whatever” to “wow”. Aside from the basic needs such as a good internet connection, there are particular things that you should look out for to make sure that whether in the country or the city, you have everything you need for a productive day’s work.

A good atmosphere
Even if you’re not planning on being in a particular workspace for very long, there’s no harm in finding a good spot with a vibrant atmosphere. Working for yourself often means spending lots of time whiling the hours away on your laptop, so you want to find somewhere that is welcoming and friendly. If you’re looking for a coworking space, choose somewhere that’s well lit, open and feels like a nice place to work. Even if you’re not there for more than a day, you deserve a nice workspace that isn’t too noisy or uncomfortable.

A community vibe
The joy of coworking spaces are that they help you connect with other freelancers, so working somewhere that has a good community feel can be helpful for networking. Check and see if the coworking space has social media networks or communal activities to get people talking. A community vibe can also be good for digital nomads working in rural locations, as there may not be as vibrant a non-work scene in the area. You can make connections for work and maybe even make friends as well.

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A schedule of events
Whether you’re in a city centre or out in the sticks, it’s always good to have a coworking space that runs events. These can be fun social events, or more serious work talks or networking evenings, but having a schedule of events does make a coworking space more appealing. It’s a good way of learning from your peers in your sector, and getting to know people who have completely different skillsets to your own. Events can often be the deciding factor when choosing between two or more spaces, so make sure you ask for details when looking around.

A sensible range of facilities
No matter your work, it’s likely that you’ll need a few key facilities to help your business run. Make sure your coworking space either has a quiet space to make calls, or a separate area specifically dedicated to keeping conversations private, such as “phone booths”. You might also want to consider working somewhere with a fully equipped kitchen – you never know when you’re going to be stuck working late or coming in early and need a quick snack to keep going.

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A few perks
Every freelancer needs certain things when they work. A comfortable seat, enough space to spread out in, and of course, a strong Wi-Fi connection. But there’s more to a coworking space than just the basics. If you’re a caffeine fiend, you might want to see if there’s free coffee. A canteen or other food provider might be useful if you know you’re not able to take many breaks. Alternatively, you may want to work somewhere with some greenery to have your lunch in – making sure you get out of the office is sometimes as important as being in it.

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