Want to be a FTSE-listed company? Go green

VV 15 Sept a

Many small and medium-sized (SMEs) don’t understand the importance of being green, unlike larger companies that list environmental sustainability as one of their defining goals.

This is according to a survey from the business insurance company AXA, which found that 56 per cent of companies don’t believe that going green would help them to grow their business.

Now compare this to 96 per cent of FTSE-listed businesses who believe that energy efficiency is paramount.

This means if you own a SME and want to get ahead in the game, you really need to start thinking about ways to cut your carbon footprint, and in turn, expenses. After all, wouldn’t you like to be a FTSE-listed company one day?

So, do some research and make some green plans. For example, encourage employees to reduce their energy usage or cut back on non-essential equipment to make sure machines are not left sitting idle for long periods of time.

And that’s just one simple solution out of many – why not look at how larger companies manage energy efficiency and try to emulate them? One day you’ll be thankful for it.

Posted by the Secret Businessman