How to utilise your social media platforms for entrepreneurial success

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Social media is getting bigger all the time – and there’s no doubt it’s extremely useful in helping to promote your business.

Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to show the world what you can do. See how you can get the most out of it for growing your business and brand…

Make people aware
Having a social media presence helps you build the brand awareness your company needs.

Different target audiences tend to use different social platforms – but between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, billions of users log on each day to see what’s happening. The perfect opportunity to make contact with the right people who’ll love your brand.

Once one person has seen your post, it won’t be long before someone else stumbles across it. Shared posts, followed feeds and linked content are all part and parcel of social media, creating a snowball effect, so more and more people get the chance to see your brill brand.

Reach faraway customers
Social media not only builds brand recognition, it helps you attract new customers – even from across the globe. Almost everybody has access to social media, no matter where they live, so it opens doors to previously untapped markets.

This means you can gain customers from countries all over the world, without having to set foot on an airplane. The same applies on home soil. You can appeal to a wider audience without having to leave the office.

Boost sales
Ultimately, what you want from social media is to boost sales.

Our computers, smartphones and tablets allow us to shop from the comfort of our own homes – and social media plays a big role when it comes to influencing purchases.

Current customers act as brand ambassadors with the help of social platforms. Their positive feedback posted online could lead to more sales of your product or service by influencing the purchases of other consumers.

Reaching a greater volume of people is likely to result in more sales, so get networking and spread your message! The next step is ensuring customer loyalty, by listening to their feedback and taking it into account.

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Better customer insight
You can gain valuable information about your customers and their interests and behaviour through social media.

Monitoring comments helps you find out what people think of your business. If you notice any negative feedback, don’t take it personally: instead, consider it helpful. Take note of it and find ways to address it. Show your customers that you care about their opinions.

Furthermore, you can measure the success of different promotions posted on various social media sites through sales figures. Doing so will eventually help you find a perfect combination to generate revenue.

You can also ask your followers for their thoughts on new products or services in the pipeline.

Lower running costs
Best of all, a presence on social media doesn’t cost a lot – essential for entrepreneurs, as every penny counts.

Luckily, social media is a lot cheaper than other marketing techniques, leaving you more money to play with when it comes to other areas of your business.

Even paid advertising through Facebook and Instagram is relatively cheap – meaning you don’t even need to open an account. But, as mentioned above, the benefits of doing so are extremely worthwhile for the growth of your business.

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