Unique selling point crucial for all businesses

VV 13 Aug a2

When setting up a business, it’s important to realise the importance of having a unique selling point (UPS) – something that will bring customers in through the doors.

People setting up a small company need to ask themselves why people would buy their products and services.

If they cannot think of a particular reason – other than by chance – then it is likely consumers will not be able to either.

They will be more likely to spend their hard-earned cash at a company which does offer a UPS such as bespoke products, great customer service, a unique shopping experience or low prices.

Businesspeople need to give consumers the incentive to shop with them, rather than the company selling similar goods on the other side of town.

The advent of online business makes this all the more important, as people are able to scour the internet for a firm able to meet their demand in the required price range.

People are looking for different things when they shop – for some it is all about price, while others are more concerned about being treated well and made to feel valued.

Company bosses need to think about the UPS that is likely to appeal most to their target audience, and work on refining it where possible.

Posted by the Secret Businessman