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5 alternatives to desk chairs when working from home

While the standard office chair has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, there are some alternatives that can be better suited to your home office…

The basic design of the office chair might not look that different from the ones used decades ago – a simple seat set up with a tall back, arm supports and wheels. But they have become a lot more ergonomically friendly in recent years.
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The Apprentice: discount store v big business

"Does Jammy Dodgers go with washing powder?"

“Does Jammy Dodgers go with washing powder?”

As they say, another day, another pound shop! Week 8 saw candidates start up two discount stores, stocking them with items they thought would sell best and yield the most profit. However, many viewers took to social media to ask what running a discount store would prove about a candidate’s aptitude in big business. A task such as this is an opportunity to show off several transferable skills, so what are they?

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The Apprentice: Bushy tails and sales!

Samuel Johnson CatSpoiler alert!

A strange start to the episode saw contestants head to Fleet Street and congregate outside a house in a back street. Lord Sugar revealed that the house had once belonged to Samuel Johnson, author of ‘A Dictionary of the English language’ – at which point the candidates’ expectant faces began to look confused.

Gesturing to the statue in front of him, Lord Sugar explained that the book was Johnson’s dictionary and the cat sat on top had been his beloved pet – struggling to connect the dots. Finally he said that the British have for many years been a country of animal lovers so for this task they would have to choose products to sell at the London Pet Show and quite simply the team who made the highest profit would win. The teams were mixed up again and with minds sufficiently boggled, the candidates headed off to prepare.
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The Apprentice: Negotiation and shopping

Men's team

Spoiler alert!

Week 3, with two down and sixteen to go the third episode saw hopefuls meet in the tunnels beneath Dover Castle. They congregated in a small hall facing Karren Brady and Claude Littner with Lord Sugar nowhere to be seen. The lights dimmed and as if from one of the candidate’s nightmares a projection of The Lord himself loomed on a huge screen before them.

The teams stayed the same for this challenge where the aim was to buy all the items on a shopping list at the best price. Half of each team would be sent to France and the other half would be staying in Dover the teams had to decide who to send where and which items from the list each half of the team would be shopping for.

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The Apprentice: Week One – Fish fingers, shampoo and the first lot in the firing line!

Claude Littner

Warning: Contains spoilers!

With a huge bake-off-shaped void left in BBC One’s Wednesday night viewing, we have not been left to our own devices. The beeb wastes no time in turning the viewer’s attentions to The Apprentice with the show’s tried and tested formula which sees 18 contestants compete for the prize of a £250,000 injection into the winner’s start up business plan. A new series sees a new aide for Lord Sugar which comes in the form of poison-tongued businessman Claude Littner who joins the panel alongside Baroness Karren Brady.

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