The 5am club |

Most people have by now heard of the 5am Club and if you haven’t then you’re definitely sleeping (literally) on this life changing idea. Essentially ‘The 5am Club’ is the idea of rising at 5am (duh!) before the rest of your household, and using this time for self development. May that be reading, online training … Continued

Spotlight on entrepreneurs: Hilary Devey CBE |

Self-made businesswoman Hilary Devey triumphed over adversity to achieve her £100 million business empire through sheer hard work. The former investor on TV entrepreneurial show Dragons’ Den had a traumatic childhood – when extreme poverty led to bailiffs taking her family’s furniture.

Spotlight on entrepreneurs: The Spectrum Sisters |

We love an inspiring story about how hard work can pay off and that’s why we have chosen to tell you all about entrepreneurs, Sophie and Hannah Pycroft. The owners of Spectrum Brushes. If you are into makeup then you will know or have heard of Spectrum Brushes – they make cruelty and vegan free, … Continued

Top tips for working on the train |

Planning to work on the move? Trains might be a cost-effective way to get around when you’re a digital nomad, but it’s best to plan your work around your travel before you go. Read on for top tips for working on the train….

6 tips for an ace at-home workspace |

Create your own at-home working paradise by following these top tips… There’s an art to creating the ideal at-home workstation, so follow these quick tips and set yourself up in a great office space in your very own home.

5 alternatives to desk chairs when working from home |

While the standard office chair has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, there are some alternatives that can be better suited to your home office… The basic design of the office chair might not look that different from the ones used decades ago – a simple seat set up with a tall back, … Continued

The Apprentice: discount store v big business |

As they say, another day, another pound shop! Week 8 saw candidates start up two discount stores, stocking them with items they thought would sell best and yield the most profit. However, many viewers took to social media to ask what running a discount store would prove about a candidate’s aptitude in big business. A … Continued

The Apprentice: the not-so-handymen! |

Would you trust these business entrepreneur wannabe’s to put some shelves up for you or to paint your window frames? Well that’s exactly what several people did on last week’s The Apprentice, and some came to regret their decision!