UK start-ups on schedule to hit target

VV 2 Dec

The number of new businesses set up in 2013 is poised to reach over half a million by the end of the year, according to the most recent figures.

Research – collected by the national enterprise campaign – shows that over 392,000 companies have been launched since January 1st, ensuring that the UK is on track to hit a previously-set target of 523,410 by December 31st.

The statistics have been revealed by StartUp Britain and it co-founder Emma Jones said: “At the beginning of the year the campaign pledged to do all it could to get the start-up figures up to 500,000 and it looks like we’re going to make it!”

She added that the figures are unaudited and “raw”, but they do indicate that there has been further growth in the rate that start-ups are appearing.

Small to medium-sized enterprises currently account for 95 per cent of all firms and also employ over seven million workers, according to StartUp Britain.

Posted by the Secret Businessman