UK ‘leading the race for smart cities’

VV 17 Feb 2 a

The UK is apparently “leading the race” to develop smarter cities.

That’s the claim being made by the government following the first ever meeting of the country’s Smart Cities Forum yesterday (December 18th).

The idea behind the concept is to develop a more efficient way of doing things using modern technology, in a strategy that involves authorities working alongside the world of business to support the digital sector. Globally, the market is expected to be worth around $400 billion (£244 million) by 2020

Universities and science minister David Willetts said that the UK held “huge potential” to be a world leader in the field.

“We are well placed to take advantage of up to a $40 billion share of the market place by 2020, so we must make sure we do not miss this opportunity,” he added.

What do you know about smart cities? Do you think the UK can really reap the benefits?

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