UK businesses 'require govt help'


I think it’s clear to see that businesses need as much help as possible when it comes to growth.



As economies throughout the world continue to struggle, companies are finding it difficult to secure enough trade and turn a profit.


One thing that could make a difference is if the government showed a willingness to be more innovative in its strategies.


The current policy of austerity is clearing failing, as numerous industries do not seem to be able to kickstart and so action is required.


Indeed, the latest report by the Ernst & Young Item Club has noted the UK can only look forward to “sluggish growth” in the next few years if a more innovative approach to boost expansion is not attempted by the Bank of England and Treasury.


Peter Spencer, chief economic adviser to the Item Club, said: “The UK has crawled out of recession, but the government’s mid-term report card should read ‘could do better’.”

Posted by the Secret Businessman