UK businesses ‘increasingly using SaaS’

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an option that many businesses in the UK are embracing.

Being able to store data in the cloud is not only a cost-effective option, but it makes operations run much smoother than having to rely on servers.In 2013, UK companies look set to increase their use of software as a service (SaaS) in an effort to improve their data storage systems.

A poll by Computer Weekly UK has found 55 per cent of firms will turn to SaaS in the coming 12 months, while 34 per cent will instead opt for infrastructure as a service.

Typically, the biggest worry for businesses is security, but these fears are regressing as companies become more confident in the safety of cloud computing.

Moving forward, more and more organisations are going to turn the cloud, as it offers smaller firms in particular the chance to store information in a cheap and effective way.

Posted by the Secret Businessman