Top tips for working on the train

Planning to work on the move? Trains might be a cost-effective way to get around when you’re a digital nomad, but it’s best to plan your work around your travel before you go.

Read on for top tips for working on the train….

Part of the digital nomad life is working in unusual environments, and many times you’re running your business as you travel. Whether you’re interrailing or just commuting by train, the hassle of working on the go can be difficult to manage.

Here are some top tips on how to make working on the train work for you…

Get your Wi-Fi access sorted before you travel
The most precious asset a freelancer can have is probably access to the internet. It’s vital for organising work, doing work and for relaxing. And when you’re on the go, it’s probably the most difficult thing to guarantee. Either sign up for each train service’s Wi-Fi access, or get a dongle that can connect your devices to the internet when your mobile phone signal isn’t enough.

Book seats
It might sound obvious, but booking your seats in advance can save you a lot of hassle if you know you’re going to be working on the train. This saves you the problem of finding a charging point, a table, and a comfortable seat for the whole journey. For many journeys, you can book seats up to two hours before you travel, making it easy if you’re doing things fairly last minute.

Go early
As much as we’d like to have faith in train timetables, we all know that travelling by public transport can sometimes be a gamble. This can be particularly true of transport in remote locations, which may well be where digital nomads have gone to explore. Get to your train early, and you’ll be calm and collected for working on the move.

Plan the work you want to complete ahead of time
If you know that your signal might be patchy, you might be distracted by other passengers, or disrupted by train delays, it’s a good idea to plan work that’s easy to pick up and put down. Leave the difficult stuff to a time when you’re guaranteed some peace and quiet. Travelling on a train is the perfect time for planning and organising, something you probably don’t usually have enough time for.

Plan your trains for off-peak times
Travelling by train can often eat into your productive time. If you know you need to get from A to B, why not plan to go in off-peak business hours? Sleeper trains and early or late transport is the best bet to give yourself adequate time to take calls and send emails externally. Remember that clients and partners may not have the luxury of flexible schedules, so be sure to plan your travel around other people’s availability to make your own life easier.


Posted by The Secret Businessman