Top tips for interview attire

The standards for interview attire have changed over time, and nowadays, formal wear’s not always the answer. Get some top tips for what to wear to your next interview…

As the working world evolves – and flexible patterns start to outstrip more traditional in-house roles – the norms for interview attire are also changing. Here are a few things to consider.

Consider the sector
It’s no longer the case that a suit or formal jacket/skirt will always impress interviewers. In some sectors, this traditional look could even set you back, as more relaxed dress codes become the norm. Silicon Valley style has infiltrated workplaces around the world, with ties, formal blazers and dress shoes now not always appropriate. For women, for example, smart flats are now more common than the heels that used to be considered almost mandatory in the workplace.

Bear the company in mind
Each company will have its own version of business wear, and interpreting an organisation’s “business casual” look is important when interviewing. Do some research beforehand on the company’s website and social media for photos taken in the office to help you judge what’s best to go for.

Make sure the basics are covered
Don’t forget the basics. Your clothes should be freshly laundered and in good shape – no loose threads or stains! Make sure you’ve shined anything that might need it, like your shoes. It’s important to feel comfortable, so make sure you’ve tried on the outfit before to ensure you’re happy with it.

Accessorise accordingly
It’s sometimes easier to show some personality through your accessories, rather than your main outfit. Add a scarf or fun socks to show your personality, without being too over the top for an interview. Make sure you have a neat, professional-looking bag with you to store a notepad or laptop in case notes are needed, and take an umbrella – you don’t want to turn up damp if the weather turns.

When in doubt, keep it simple
If you’re really panicking about what to wear, go for the basics. Wear a nice ironed suit shirt or blouse, a blazer and some smart trousers or a skirt, with appropriate-for-work footwear. If you don’t know if a tie will be needed, wear one to the building – you can always take it off if it becomes clear that’s not the right look! Keep jewellery to a minimum and keep it simple.


Posted by The Secret Businessman