Top tips for communicating as a digital nomad

When you’re on the move, communication can become difficult, or even lost in translation.

Learn some top tips for communicating well when you’re a digital nomad…

When you’re a freelancer travelling the world – or even staying in one place – you can often find yourself in communication black spots. Having no phone signal or internet connection can be make or break job proposals or meetings, so make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Make sure you have the best tech for the job
Although travelling might have a not-so-welcome effect on your tech, having the right piece of equipment for the job is vital. If your mobile isn’t the best, or your computer is on the fritz, you might need to consider upgrading. No one wants their laptop dying mid-Skype call!

Get your connection sorted early
Possibly the greatest enemy of the freelancer is the lack of internet connection. As a digital nomad, your whole job is likely online, so making sure you can keep communication going is your top priority. Carry around a WiFi dongle, plan your WiFi hotspots ahead and make sure you’re somewhere in range of phone signal when you have important calls.

Use the appropriate medium
Some of us love to speak on the phone – others absolutely hate it. Some people love face-to-face meetings, and others would prefer email. Choosing your method of sending out your message is key for great communication, and it doesn’t hurt to get some training on channels to make sure you’re not losing out.

Tailor your approach
Choosing the medium for your communication is important for getting your message across effectively, but sometimes it’s as simple as doing things the way your client prefers. Calls might not work when you’re on the go, but finding a good café or a coworking space to settle down in isn’t that hard when you think about how much better the client will feel.

Learn the lingo
Whether you’re travelling or have moved to a new location to work, it’s good to get an idea of how people prefer to communicate locally. Are meetings the norm? Do people always email? Of course, there’s also the potential language barrier, so it might be a good idea to brush up on basic language skills to help ease communication.


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