Top 5 ways to ramp up your freelancing

Discover how you can boost business and create a steady flow of income.

Scaling up? Taking things to the next level? Follow our simple steps for a clearer path to business success.

Build your online presence
Take the time to add some polish to your portfolio and showcase your work in an easily accessible format. Perhaps a freelance social media manager can help present your skills, successes and the value you’ve added in ways that you hadn’t considered? Try reaching out to clients for feedback on old projects and ask if you can use their comments on your website and collateral to help secure your next big assignment.

Aim for bigger projects
Most freelancers build their CV, gather feedback and hone their craft with smaller projects, early on. If you’re looking to scale up, its time to re-brand your services and let your clients know that you’re taking on more longer-term and complex assignments. You can then bid for work with larger businesses, or ‘whales’ – those heavyweight clients with more money to spend and bigger plans than your average customer. Become ‘whale-worthy’ by approaching your potential customers after thorough research and addressing their business needs.

Partner with other freelancers
When you do land larger projects, you might find the more complex work tests your skills to their limits. Finding a freelance partner to plug the gaps in your knowledge could help you deliver more wide-ranging assignments in half the time. You could even start a referral system with your new colleague to help reach a new audience and add value for all involved.

Hire freelance services
Time is precious when growing your business and yet we all have tasks on our to-do lists that take longer to complete than necessary. Thankfully, there are freelancers who have found their niche and can lighten your load across a wide range of roles. Whether you need a social media manager or a virtual assistant, you can hire the perfect professionals to free up your time so you can focus on more lucrative projects.

Rethink your rates
Even with a polished portfolio, more free time and bigger projects in the pipeline, your ambitions for a larger-scale business rely on solid finances. It’s time to ask how much value you’re adding, rather than how much time you’ll need to complete a task. Perhaps you could ask for a fee when referring your clients to other freelancers? Could you up-sell to your current customers? Start by understanding their business needs and present the benefits your work can bring beyond your current scope.

Posted by Adam Kirby


Image credits: jacoblund via iStock and Kerkez via iStock