Top 5 things to learn from Eurovision

It might not seem like the first place to learn important life lessons, but the annual Eurovision song contest has a lot of heartfelt messages that freelancers can look to. Read on for the top 5 things to learn from Eurovision!

Eurovision is well known for being a camp extravaganza, but it’s a testament to its popularity that it endures year after year. Despite its light-hearted nature, there are some real lessons to be learnt from this heart-warming competition.

Make a song and dance
Sometimes the best way to impress is to make a song and dance about what it is that you do. Though it can feel difficult to make a big deal about yourself, selling your skills and shouting about it can sometimes make all the difference. Make sure you’re engaging with your fellow freelancers and potential clients across social media and email, and make sure to update your contacts on what you’re doing.

Use smoke and mirrors
Sometimes when you’re a digital nomad, you need to give the appearance that you’re in a traditional office, or need to have a fixed address while you’re off exploring the world. Much like Eurovision’s style of creating elaborate illusions and staged backdrops, freelancers sometimes need to use a bit of smoke and mirrors to sell themselves better. A virtual office will give the illusion that you’re an established business with a prestigious City address, which is sometimes just the ticket to land the job.

Sometimes it’s not about winning
As all Eurovision fans know, it’s not about winning. Contestants are just happy to participate in such a well-loved event as Eurovision, because it’s about having a good time rather than taking home the trophy. At least, that’s what some countries tell themselves year after year! It’s good to remember that even if a pitch isn’t successful, or a project doesn’t quite work out the way you thought, as a freelancer every piece of work is progress – sometimes it’s more about the journey than the result.

Keep your friends close
Veteran watchers of Eurovision know that the votes for each country’s act can get quite political. Friendly countries tend to vote for each other, no matter the quality of the act. This loyalty – and keeping your friends close for your benefit – is a good lesson to freelancers. Make sure you keep in touch with your network of contacts, and reach out to people you’ve worked well with every so often to keep those ties strong. You never know when you might need them!

Stay true to yourself
The beauty of Eurovision is that no matter their talent, Eurovision contestants stay true to themselves. Whether it’s singing in their own language, sticking to the peculiarity of their country’s heritage, or belting out tunes in their own strange style, contestants remain true to themselves. It’s worth remembering that even though you might work for other people, you should stay true to your brand and your purpose.


Posted by The Secret Businessman