Top 5 savings apps for freelancers

Freelancers and digital nomads are often among the most budget-efficient people, but sometimes everyone needs a little extra help. Read on for 2019’s top 5 saving apps for workers on the move…

Even if you’re already a budgeting guru, it can’t hurt to use some apps to save some much-needed cash. As a freelancer’s work pattern is so variable, having funds on hand should you enter a dry spell is key to survival.

Read on for the top five apps to help you save while you’re on the go…

This chat bot looks over your bank account and tells you where you can make savings, encouraging you to add small sums of cash to a savings pot. Any money added to the pot has 1% annual interest, paying out once a quarter, so it helps you make money on your money. If you encourage other potentially money-savvy freelancers to join, you can get extra interest paid on your savings.

They say every little helps and Moneybox can help you easily put away small bits of change into a stocks and shares ISA. Any leftover pennies from your regular purchases get siphoned into the ISA automatically. Though it might seem small, the investments build up and with the money safely away from any temptation, you can grow a savings funds quicker than you’d think.

This app is perfect if you’re the kind of freelancer that ends up spending a lot just after payday. Designed to spread your spending across the whole month and cut out any unnecessary splashing of cash, Squirrel is like your money’s babysitter – doling out only when bills need to be paid or for specific spending sprees. This helps you put cash aside and avoid the temptation to book a spontaneous trip or buy unnecessary items.

This chatbot works through Facebook Messenger and is like a knowledgeable, finance-obsessed friend, giving insight into your habits and potential savings, and keeping your spending in check. The digital assistant gives you reminders for savings goals and helps push you towards meeting them. Plum automatically puts aside what you can reasonably save, helping you to build up a pot without even thinking about it.

Spendee looks over all your accounts and helps you to budget for saving money. The app is ideal for freelancers working across multiple currencies or with accounts in several locations. Though it doesn’t do the saving for you, it does help you plan out where you can save, and notify you where you need it to avoid overspending.


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