Top 5 investment apps to make your freelancer money go further

If you’ve got a little spare cash but would like to make your money go further, why not try putting that change into an investment app?

As a freelancer, you’re always looking for ways to save cash and make more money. Why not make your money work for you with an investment app?

To make your money (and you) travel further, we’ve got five suggestions for money-making apps below…

Acorns is a simple micro-investment platform designed to take your spare change and invest it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Spread over 7,000 stocks, your spare change gets turned into the seeds (or in this case, acorns!) of a larger chunk of capital. The app investments are guided by the Nobel Prize winning economist Dr. Harry Markowitch, meaning your money is in safe hands.

This online wealth management app lets you choose your saving goal and how much risk you’d like to take with your money. Once it knows your aims, the team takes your money and creates a portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), handpicked by people. You can see your portfolio whenever you want, and withdraw money as you please. It’s a good way to get started without much hassle.

This app is powered by artificial intelligence, and calculates how much you can save based on your spending habits. Once you’ve linked it to your current account, it will transfer that calculated amount to a savings account – all without you having to lift a finger. Although it’s not strictly an investment app, it does help you save much quicker and more sensibly than trying it alone.

This app also uses exchange-traded funds to help create a portfolio that best suits your needs. You can change your savings into an investment using its robo-advisory service, a process that takes around five minutes, making it perfect for freelancers on the go. It’s the most downloaded app of its kind in Europe!

Robin Hood
This app takes its name from the famous character because it allows commission-free trading of stocks, without having to wait the normal three days for buying and selling. This is an app that may need a little more practice before you use it, but it’s very easy once you have an understanding of the stocks or cryptocurrency you’d like to trade.


Posted by The Secret Businessman