Top 5 gym-free workouts for freelancers

Ditch the gym and make your resolutions a reality. Join us for five ways to add flexibility to your fitness regime.

Make 2020 the year that freelancing and fitness go hand-in-hand. Read our five ways that exercise on the move can ‘workout’ for you.

Throw yourself into a local sport
Coworking near Copacabana? Why not take up capoeira? Freelancing in Fuji? Could fencing take your fancy? Dedicating your exercise to a local sport will not only help you to keep fit, it’s also a great way to learn about the culture of your temporary home. Whether it’s a team game or a solo effort, there’s always the potential to add to your friendship circle too.

Pack resistance bands
If home is where you lay your yoga mat, taking workout equipment with you is the perfect solution. A few bands and a portable clean surface mean you’ll be pumping, stretching and strengthening where and when you please. Keep an eye on your technique and look out for exercise inspiration through online tutorials. The world is your fitness studio.

Visit outdoor ‘gyms’
If it’s membership fees rather than gym equipment you’re adverse to, a local park could be the answer. Pull up bars, parallel bars and dipping stations in public squares and play areas, have become commonplace across the world. It’s not just calisthenics, or bodyweight exercises, that are possible, shoulder press and chest press machines offer added resistance, while cross trainers provide a great cardio workout.

Take a hike
We’re not suggesting scaling Snowdon between meetings or reaching the peak of Macchu Picchu over an extended lunch break, but there could be an area of natural beauty nearby that you haven’t explored. Treat your sightseeing adventures as exercise and regularly take to a trail to maintain a happy work-life balance and get the heart pumping frequently.

Wild swimming
Whether it’s an ocean, river or ponds, open water swimming offers a total body workout with added benefits. Experiencing a local lagoon or paddling in a nearby pond is a truly immersive way to enjoy your new surroundings often with no costs involved. The low impact exercise is a proven calorie burner and wading in cooler open waters can also boost circulation.


Posted by Adam Kirby

Images courtesy of Press Association