Top 5 freelancer myths

Even though freelancing is a more popular career choice than ever, there are still myths about what being a digital nomad really is. Read about some common misconceptions and how to counteract them.

If you’re a freelancer, it’s likely you’ve heard a few myths about your work or lifestyle. These misconceptions can make it tough to win new clients or offer your skills for new jobs. But most of the time a simple explanation is enough to get the truth out there.

Here are the top five myths about the freelancing way of life, and how you can counteract them…

Freelancing isn’t secure work
Though it is true that the workload of a freelancer can vary due to the time of year, contract lengths, client roster and many more factors, it’s misleading to think that freelancers don’t have steady work. Digital nomads often take on multiple clients and projects to get an annual income, and though that might mean that some months are very busy and some are very quiet, it’s no different to agencies, contract workers, or seasonal workers who might see fluctuations.

Freelancers don’t answer to anyone
One of the perks of freelancing is working for yourself, but it’s not true that freelancers don’t have a boss. Even if they do work for themselves, they’re often working for multiple people or companies, which means they have multiple bosses to keep happy. This can be an interesting and varied way of life, so it’s not a bad thing – and being your own boss is great!

Freelancing is free
Often, people will ask if freelancers work for very little (or for free!) or assume that they have all the time in the world as free time. Though setting your own schedule and choosing your own rates is part of the appeal of living the digital nomad life, it can be frustrating to come up against this myth. Freelancers are often busier than regular workers because they’re having to cover their sickness leave, their tax requirements, their budgeting and more, unlike a salaried employee.

Freelancing isn’t actually a career
When people think of freelancing, sometimes they think that it’s just a temporary transition between jobs, or something to do to fill the time. However, with the working world now turning to part time, flexible and contracted work, the number of freelancers is sure to rise dramatically. It might even become the new standard for the way we work – so it’s definitely a career!

Freelancing is lonely
This is probably the most common myth around, but it’s not true at all. Though there might be moments where it’s a bit lonely working for yourself, the opportunities to meet other digital nomads and share experiences is greater now than it’s ever been. Coworking spaces and collaborative efforts mean that you can find hundreds of other people, living the same lifestyle as you the world over.


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