Top 5 alternative European cities for digital nomads

Historic architecture square in Vienna view, capital of Austria

Create a new digital nomad life for yourself in one of these 5 alternative European cities.

Keen to start your life as a digital nomad somewhere in Europe, but don’t fancy following the crowd to the same old destinations? Then check out these five alternative European cities and start your adventure today…

Vienna, Austria
The former Imperial capital of the Habsburg empire isn’t always quite what you’d expect. While central Vienna might be chock-full of grandiose streets and elegant old palaces that hark back to its illustrious past, around the edges there brims a vibrant undercurrent that has made the Austrian capital one of Europe’s underrated gems. Innovative coworking spaces (some of which are co-living, meaning you share live spaces as well) and an eclectic nightlife make Vienna a digital nomad’s dream.

Tallinn, Estonia
Fancy living at the very forefront of the technological revolution? Well then look no further than Tallinn. With its walled, cobble-stoned Old Town, the Estonian capital might look twee – but beneath the surface lies one of the most innovative and start-up friendly cities in Europe. With some of the world’s fastest internet, it should come as no surprise that everything in Estonia can be done online. To make it even more appealing, Estonia recently announced the world’s first digital nomad visa for non-EU citizens, which allows freelancers to work for up to 365 days in the country.

Porto Portugal Bridge

Porto, Portugal
Hot on the heels of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, Porto is quickly becoming one of Europe’s go-to places for digital nomads looking to get away from it all. With plenty of cosy cafés, coworking spaces and a lively art scene, it definitely won’t disappoint the adventurous freelancer. Laid out on the Atlantic coast, Porto is a surfing hotspot too.

Antwerp, Belgium
These days, Belgium’s second city is most definitely the country’s capital of cool. Shaking off its post-industrial malaise, Antwerp has reinvented itself into an entrepreneurial city that is just bursting with youthful vigour. The city is fairly compact and has good cycle links, which means freelancers can save on transport costs, while there’s enough beer and chocolate options in the city’s many cafés and shops to suit everyone’s tastes.

Gdansk, Poland
The impressive Baltic port city of Gdansk is one of Poland’s most enchanting cities and makes a perfect base for digital nomads looking to mix things up. With a harbourside history shaped by its nautical past, Gdansk is a unique mix of stunning architecture and Polish pragmatism. The cost of living in Poland is relatively cheap when compared to its Central European neighbours, making it an excellent option for keeping freelancer costs down. And if you like pierogi, the famous Polish dumplings, then you really have nothing to lose.


Posted by The Secret Businessman