Three Strikes and You’re Out!


This week’s Apprentice took us on a trip to the countryside where both teams had to sell one product that already had a long standing presence at the country show, as well as introduce and sell two products that had never been seen there before.

It was made clear by Lord Sugar that this week’s task was going to be based on selling and that individual candidates’ sales would be monitored and taken into consideration when it came to the board room. It was for this reason that¬†James put himself forward as team leader for Summit. He sent Bianca, Sanjay and Solomon to assess the products that the team would be introducing to the show, while Roisin and himself went to try and win over the big ticket items.

After careful consideration of each product, Summit’s sub team felt that a pet tracking device and a children’s bike trailer would be the perfect products to introduce to the show, however before they had the chance to relay this information back to James, James had already made the decision that he wanted to take the fold up wellington boots and the designer outdoor chair, without even seeing the products! Strike 1! This was the start of James’ downfall. After meeting the owners of the two big ticket items (hot tubs and lawnmowers), James decided that he wanted to go for the hot tubs. This was the right decision; they sold at a very high price, which would mean the team would only have to sell a couple to make more money than the lawnmowers.

Unfortunately, team Tenacity led by Filepe but mummied by Katie had the same idea and when it came down to it the hot tub owner much preferred their approach to James’, who even managed to forget the guys name! Strike 2…James then made the executive decision not to tell his sub team that he had lost the deal with the hot tubs, Strike 3!

Fortunately for team Tenacity, Daniel and Katie secured the pitch to sell the hot tubs and Filepe and Mark decided the two products they would be introducing were going to be a bag made of recycled flat caps and the children’s bike trailer. By the morning of the show, Mark had managed to weave his way into Filepe’s head and persuade him that he was the better man to sell the hot tubs, even though Daniel was one half that had secured the product. Daniel was not happy about this! He spent the whole day arguing with Filepe and forgetting that he still needed to sell the two other products. Luckily for Tenacity, Filepe did send the right man to do the job and Mark managed to sell 7 hot tubs to one guy! Securing the win for team Tenacity.

It was an obvious lose for team Summit and surely James was on his last leg, as much as Lord Sugar liked him it would have been unfair to keep him in the competition any longer, so James was fired. However, if you want my opinion Sanjay should have been fired too, he didn’t do much this week and he hasn’t done much throughout the whole competition.


Posted by Saskia Benjamin