The "leaky female talent pipeline" must be addressed


We’ve all heard before about how beneficial women are to business, yet it seems the message is still not being taken on board by company heads or HR departments.



And according to a report by the Women’s Business Council, having a fairer representation of females in the workplace could increase the UK’s GDP by ten per cent.


However, many HR departments are still unsure of how to go about attracting more women to their companies, despite the obvious benefits they bring.


Karen Gill, co-founder of campaign group Everywoman, told HR Magazine: “Women are vital to the economy. Addressing the leaky female talent pipeline will enable a greater representation of women throughout business from the bottom to the top.”


Female middle-managers in particular should be supported, Ms Gill believes. Whether this means businesses are mindful about their roles as mothers as well as employees, or they just offer more support in career progression – something has to be done rather than just talking about the issue.


Posted by the Secret Businessman