The proof is in the pudding

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This week’s episode started with the usual manly banter between Mark and Daniel about who is better and how this week’s task was going to be the confirmation they both needed. Meanwhile Lord Sugar decided it was time to switch the teams up with Daniel making his way over to Summit, while Sanjay was relocated to Tenacity.

This week’s task was to create a luxury premium pudding for the mass market. Each team had to manufacture and brand their own pudding and then pitch it to three of the biggest retailers, ASDA, Waitrose and Tesco. Katie and Roisin were chosen as PM’s for their teams as both their business plans involve food, this would give them the chance to show Lord Sugar which of them really knew the industry they wanted to go into and so it was obvious, whoever ended up in the boardroom, what it was all going to come down to was everyone’s individual business plans.

Both teams decided that they wanted to focus on a classic British dish but add a little twist to it, both would be successful so it was going to be the branding and the appeal to the luxury market that would be deciding factors.

As PM of Tenacity Katie thought she should head to the tasting and the manufacturers as she felt this is where her skillset would be best utilised. Unfortunately, this was probably the wrong move as she showed she didn’t really have the palette for the exotic and new flavours she wanted to infuse into her trifle. Sanjay and Mark went off to do the branding. Sanjay came up with the name ‘A trifle different,’ the most impact he has had on any task throughout the whole series, while Mark came up with a package design that made the whole pudding look like it belonged at a 5 year olds birthday party, rather than the premium pudding market.

Roisin took a different approach and decided that she would be best suited in the branding department, She decided to take Bianca with her but after a little pitch from Solomon they headed off to do the branding, while Bianca and Daniel visited a tea sommelier where they were going to try different teas to infuse into their cheesecake. Rosin’s and Solomon’s understated branding definitely appealed to the luxury market and Solomon’s quirky creativity brought lots of personality to it.

This week’s winner was going to be decided by the pitches, although from the finished products it was pretty obvious which supermarkets would place orders for each pudding. Team Tenacity had a bit of a disaster with the pitching. Salesman Mark had managed to weave his way into Katie’s head again and persuade her that he should be the one to pitch to the biggest retailer, Tesco. However, when it came down to it, Mark was a nervous wreck, he got confused and barely managed to string a sentence together.

On team Summit, Daniel was straight away ruled out of doing any pitching, but by the second pitch he was actually so bored during Bianca and Roisin’s pitch that he intervened just to amuse himself. Turns out it was for the better and the retailers really liked Daniel’s input as it added some personality to the pitch. On the third pitch to Tesco, it was decided that they could all get involved, as long as it was straight to the point and people were not talked over. This brought an excellent pitch, so good that Solomon was even winked at. Grab your coat Solomon you’ve pulled!

In the boardroom is was quite obvious who had won. So while team Summit enjoyed a day on a James Bond boat, sipping on martinis and tasting macaroons, there was a battle of the business plans in the boardroom.

In the end Katie just hadn’t proved that she knew enough about the industry she wanted to go into and it was apparent that Lord Sugar did not see Sanjay’s business as a lucrative one. Two were sent packing, sending us into what is usually the best episode of The Apprentice, the gruelling interviews with Lord Sugar’s trusted associates.


Posted by Saskia Benjamin