The most important digital skills for freelancers

Whatever your trade, when you’re a freelancer there are a few digital tricks it really pays to get your head around. We take a look at the hot new skills to learn…

From the basic digital skills you need to keep your freelancing afloat, to new tricks to help win you more business, we look at the skills digital nomads need to know.

Being a successful digital nomad means being organised. Go beyond email and use the calendars, invites, alerts and reminders in Outlook to help you organise your diary and get your working life into shape.

Content management systems
If you’re a freelance copywriter or designer, you can upskill and increase work opportunities by learning your way around a content management system (CMS). It’s also great knowledge to have if you’re building your own website. There are various CMSs in use, but they generally work in similar ways, so a course in one of the most common ones should stand you in good stead.

It started with Bitcoin, but now distributed ledger technology is being used in all sorts of businesses, from tech companies to the art industry. Whether you’re a techie or a technical writer, several basic courses are available online if you want to dip your toe in the blockchain waters.

Data is big news in most industries and knowing your way around analytics programs gives you access to a whole world of information, as well as another skill to sell to clients. There are lots of web analytics courses online to get you started.

While you need to keep your finances in shape, you don’t want to spend valuable hours on book-keeping when you could be earning more money. Get yourself some simple accounting software and invest some time in learning how to use it effectively.

It might not be the world’s most exciting piece of software, but even a basic knowledge of Excel can help you organise, track and manage projects super-efficiently. Go beyond the basics and you might find new work opportunities opening up as clients want to make use of your superior spreadsheet knowledge.

Writing and editing skills are in demand when it comes to video. Explore subtitling courses online to see if this is a string you could add your bow.

OK, it’s not exactly digital, but if you can touch-type rather than spend hours picking out each letter on the keyboard with one finger you’ll get through more work, faster – and that means more money. Book a typing course near you and you’ll be keyboard wizard within weeks.


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