The home working debate goes on


The debate about home working continues with more big companies chiming in to offer their two cents.

What started as a Yahoo! memo to employers saying they could no longer work from home as CEO Marissa Mayer believes great things happen in the corridors at work, has lit the web on fire.

Richard Branson was quick to respond, saying the move “seems a backwards step in an age when remote working is easier and more effective than ever”. The self-made tycoon believes people should have the freedom to choose and he even admitted that he never worked out of an office himself.

Now Vodafone, in collaboration with YouGov, has released figures stating that companies could slash £34 billion if they were to encourage more of their employees to take up home working.

So, who are you to believe? Well if you ask me, it seems like Mayer is swimming against the tide. If you’re an SME, there’s no doubt that anything that can be done to cut overheads will be financially beneficial in the long run.

Posted by the Secret Businessman