The best new year’s resolutions for freelancers

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A new year is the perfect time to make some changes to the way you work – here are our tips for the best 2019 freelancer resolutions.

This year, make your new year’s resolutions stick. Below are the best new year resolutions for freelancers to make (and keep to!)Get your admin in order
It’s surprisingly easy to let your admin slip over the year, which means you can quickly lose sight of things like folder management, email filing, paperwork sorting and more. Though this might not sound like a problem, when you need to find something specific for taxes or records you could find yourself trawling for hours. Get your admin in order next year and avoid the headache.

Polish your website
Your website’s a great way to showcase your work for potential clients and help them contact you, but it can often be neglected in the hustle and bustle of everyday work. Make sure you’ve tweaked all the content to best fit your current work, clients and offerings and you’ll make it easier for potential clients to see what you can do.

Give your skillset a boost
It’s easy to leave professional development at the bottom of the priority pile when most of the year you’re battling to get all your work done. However, staying on top of your current skillset and developing new skills is vital to staying on top of the freelancer game. Try attending a few seminars or webinars, or completing short qualifications in your spare time to get your skills up to scratch.

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Raise your fees
It can seem pretty intimidating, but raising your fees every year makes business sense. Freelancers often underestimate their own worth and it can be easy to convince yourself that lower fees will mean more clients. However, there is no point doing work that’s essentially a financial drain. Step back and evaluate whether the hard toil is worth it.

Automate everything
Why waste time on the boring, no-fun aspects of freelancing, when you can automate the basics? If you’re still creating invoices by hand, or sorting and responding to emails individually, you might be able to automate the process to make your life easier. There are now tools for scheduling appointments, paying bills, creating proposals, gathering data and more. So use the right apps and give yourself more precious time during the working day.


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