The benefits of a prestigious business address for your virtual office London

Virtual Offices London

If you own a business, you’re probably very aware of how much image can affect success. When people choose what business to invest in, they often take even the smallest of details into account – including the address.

If you work from home you might find that people are put off by the residential address as it looks less professional and less trustworthy. By having your home address as your business address you also run the risk of clients/potential clients turning up at your front door out of work hours. Even if your trading address isn’t your home address, location can still have a big effect on people’s perceptions of your business. Imagine how much more professional you could look with an address in London’s city centre.

Having a physical office in a location that isn’t your home, or is more prestigious than your current address can, however, prove to be very expensive. This is why a virtual office London is ideal. You can still work from home, or at an alternative address, but your business address remains one which benefits your business the most – all at a much lower price than actually renting the office space.

What about mail?

Having your business address as your virtual office London address will mean that your post is sent to that address. However, there is no need to worry. The reception that receives your mail will either forward it to you, or you can arrange to collect the mail yourself. The added bonus of collecting it yourself is that you can choose when to schedule time for sorting mail, rather than having to deal with it as and when it comes.

What if a client wants to meet at the address?

If your client wants to meet at the address of your virtual office London, there’s no need to worry. Often you can book meeting rooms at the address (sometimes even at a discount), meaning that it will appear to your clients as if you work there full time.

If you feel that your business could benefit from having a new more prestigious address then talk to someone at to arrange whatever virtual office London services you require.


Posted by The Secret Businessman