The Apprentice: the not-so-handymen!


Would you trust these business entrepreneur wannabe’s to put some shelves up for you or to paint your window frames? Well that’s exactly what several people did on last week’s The Apprentice, and some came to regret their decision!

The task involved producing flyers to promote their handyman services, then splitting up, with one team pitching their services to a theatre and a sports ground both with large jobs needing doing. The other team would have to hand out flyers and offer their services to the public.

Several candidates underperformed on this task, as evidenced by the fact that three were fired at the end of it; only the second time this has happened in the history of The Apprentice. So let’s look at what went wrong for them and what can be learnt from their mistakes.


Lack of management: Elle as Project Manager of Team Conexus was the first to be fired for showing a complete lack of management skills; she simply palmed the work off on to Joseph even going so far as to say to him, “The moment we get in the theatre, I am no longer the project manager, you are Joseph.” Not what you want to hear from the person in charge. She constantly asked for his opinion and for reassurance which was made all the worse as she is a construction manager in her day job and so should have been comfortable leading such a project.

Low quality work: Mergim, the second to be fired (but not after first giving a sob story worthy of X Factor) again went around selling his work as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. However, when it came to delivering, he produced shoddy results each time, being unable to fix a wonky shelf and painting over part of a sign as he hadn’t covered it in masking tape first. Each blunder cost the team money and if they had been from a real company, this could have damaged their reputation.

However, Mergim was not the only offender. David of Team Versatile cut a pole completely the wrong length, wasting time and money. Apparently he hadn’t had the sense to measure twice, cut once.

No real pricing strategy: Finally, April was fired for a complete lack of pricing strategy, charging one customer £10 for having 3 people wash her shop windows which would mean they would earn well under the minimum wage for the job. Maths and accounts are not everyone’s strong suit, but a basic understanding and prior pricing is essential in business.

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With Elle, Mergim and April gone, we look forward to tonight’s episode where only 10 candidates remain in the running.