The Apprentice: discount store v big business

"Does Jammy Dodgers go with washing powder?"
“Does Jammy Dodgers go with washing powder?”

As they say, another day, another pound shop! Week 8 saw candidates start up two discount stores, stocking them with items they thought would sell best and yield the most profit. However, many viewers took to social media to ask what running a discount store would prove about a candidate’s aptitude in big business. A task such as this is an opportunity to show off several transferable skills, so what are they?

The key to the success of the task was knowing when it was time to restock the store and what products to buy. The winning team with Gary as project manager almost missed their chance as Gary started looking at what stock they should replenish quite late in the day and they only received new stock at 3.30pm only 2 hours before close of business. Nevertheless, they managed to make £1000 more profit than the opposing team. The ability to plan ahead and create a proper business strategy are very much a transferable skills as they are necessary for the success of all businesses.

The teams are always made up of different people who by this point in the process should be familiar with each other’s different strengths and weaknesses. Sam was given the job (for the second week running) of accounts. This time he was tasked with keeping count of what they would be spending in the wholesalers, but he managed to get confused with the numbers ending up with an incorrect total and wasting the team’s time. His talents lie in other areas and Scott should have assigned him a different job, playing to his Sam’s strengths, as any business owner or manager would do.

Finally, we see this time and time again in The Apprentice, a lack of team spirit. Of course they are all competing against each other and so each want to outshine the rest, but if candidates are unable to work effectively as a team they will lose the task and will risk being fired. Those are the facts, but all too often, egos clash and they’re left, as Scott, Sam and Brett were last week, to fight it out in the boardroom. Of course a person won’t usually be fired for not being a team player, but it certainly helps in any job!

sam fired

With Sam gone, we look forward to see what tonight’s instalment will have in store!