The 5am club

Most people have by now heard of the 5am Club and if you haven’t then you’re definitely sleeping (literally) on this life changing idea.

Essentially ‘The 5am Club’ is the idea of rising at 5am (duh!) before the rest of your household, and using this time for self development. May that be reading, online training or anything that you personally hold valuable to your life. With life getting busier, it is hard to find time for yourself especially with all the random day-to-day jobs that keep your mind busy. 

If you’re anything like me, you will be wincing at the thought of waking up at 5am and being productive. I always think the only acceptable time to wake up that early is to catch a flight but on occasion I can be wrong. 

Leadership expert Robin Sharma came up with this concept over 20 years ago and published a well known book – which I recommend that you read – on this method. Sharma released the book in a bid to encourage his clients to increase their productivity and create healthier lifestyles for themselves. This not only makes you feel that you are your best self but it will enable you to perform better within your work life. Many entrepreneurs swear by the 5am Club!

How to get involved

  • Make waking at 5am a habit. According to studies it takes 66 days to create a new habit.
  • Join online ‘5am Clubs’ – this is great if you’re struggling on your own. There are so many coworking communities online or in person!
  • Log your victories – You will look back at these and thank yourself that you started to work on your own self development
  • Read ‘5am Club’

With this newly created habit you will be well on your way to being the best version of you!

Posted by Abbie Holcroft, Community Service Assistant, Manchester

Images courtesy of Canva