Technology trends for small business in 2015

VV 17 Feb

From 3D-printing to contactless payments, we look at the top technology trends for small business in 2015

Embracing new technological trends can be vital for small businesses, often offering a more affordable and flexible way of working.Here we look at the new trends that are taking the business world by storm in 2015:

3D printing

3D printing technology is reaching the point where it is becoming not only affordable for businesses but where it can actually make you considerable cost savings if used correctly. Whether you’re making machine parts, toys or even jewellery, a product or prototype can be in your hands in a matter of hours, instead of spending days in research and development.

Domain names

With the introduction of a number of new top-level domain names, such as .London and .Digital, 2015 will see the move away from the typical .com or towards more descriptive web addresses. For small, online businesses that want to avoid the parochial sounding, there are numerous options coming to market like .cloud and .app.

More ways to pay

Online payments opened up the world to small businesses but 2015 will see this technology move forward. With apps from the big players like PayPal, and Amazon and Apple launching their own payment services, the options will be endless. Contactless payment, near field communication systems and payment devices that remove the need for a traditional cash register mean that you can make a transaction pretty much anywhere.

Social media

With Facebook essentially shutting down free advertising and Twitter starting to provide ‘curated content’, 2015 will be the year that small business will need to start taking social media seriously. Gone are they days you can stick up a post and hope your audience sees it – now all small businesses will need to have an in-depth and well thought out social media strategy.

The end of the business card

With the rise in near field communication and apps that can strip data from paper business cards, the days of carrying around pockets of contact details that rarely get seen again are gone. Now all it needs is either a quick photo or a touching of phones and you’ll be connected. You can even set up alerts to contact your new contact when you get back to the office.

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Head in the Clouds

Cloud storage will become hugely important for small businesses in 2015 offering a cheaper alternative to traditional hard drives and remote access to your files. It also means that small businesses can subscribe to software services over the cloud, instead of buying it outright.

Getting secure

With more and more sensitive data being held in the cloud and mobile payments becoming more popular, security becomes a high priority. Like social media, we are moving from a ‘man on the street’ approach to a targeted, tailored system that’s right for your company.

Posted by Julie Tucker