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Best mountain resorts for freelancers

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada - June 10, 2013: Tourists ramble on the street of Whistler, co-host of the 2010 Olympic Games at June10, 2013. It is a Canadian resort town approximately 125 kilometres north of Vancouver.

Enjoy the wonder of the mountains as the new backdrop for your freelance work…

There’s nothing like working with a dramatic backdrop, and the mountains are the perfect place to find one. Whether you’re looking to add some skiing to your working day or summer hiking is more your vibe, here are our five favourite mountain resorts for freelancers…
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5 ways to show yourself love as a freelancer on Valentine’s day

Woman in mask on face in spa beauty salon.

Arbitrary or not, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to show a little love. It doesn’t have to be all about romance. As a freelancer your success can depend heavily on how good you’re feeling.

Take care of yourself and you’ll be better placed to confidently smash that next project. So this Valentine’s Day why not buck the trend and choose to shower yourself with love instead. Here’s 5 ways to treat yourself as a freelancer…
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5 everyday moneysaving tips for freelancers on a budget

Men drinking coffee and using laptop at backyard patio

Freelancing on a budget might sound daunting but for many it’s simply a way of life. If you’re looking to trim your outgoings in pursuit of your freelancing dream, here are our top 5 tips for everyday budgeting.

While freelancing might sound like the dream, it can quickly turn into a nightmare when the cashflow stops, well, flowing.
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How to beat loneliness as a freelancer

Woman in surroundings of digital technology

Freelancing can be a lonely business. We look at what you can do to help stave off the blues while you work.

When people talk about becoming freelancers, they focus on the perks of being your own boss. The ability to work hours that suit you from wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection — freelancing can be great.
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