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How to find the fun when the freelancer life gets tricky

Staff Working Behind Counter In Busy Coffee Shop

Life can get pretty frantic when you’re working as a freelancer. It can often be hard to find the fun in your work and general life. Reinvigorate yourself and make life more interesting with our top tips.

Working alone and having to do everything yourself can drain the fun out of working as a freelancer. No matter the perks of the job, there will always be moments that feel quite devoid of joy, just because of the nature of the work. Make sure you find the fun in your daily life and in your work by following these ideas.
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First impressions: make them count when meeting new clients

Three designers discussing about new project in meeting hall. Group of executives meeting in boardroom.

First impressions can be make or break for freelancers meeting new clients. Here’s how to make a great first impression, so your client relations go from strength to strength.

The first time you meet a new client, you want them to leave the meeting feeling like they can’t wait to begin working with you. Giving a trusty first impression and having a good rapport with clients is essential for a freelancer or a start-up’s success.
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The best money management apps

debt collection and tax season concept with deadline calendar

For creative souls, the idea of managing finances is a scary one. But it doesn’t have to be, with our guide to the best financial apps out there.

Often one of the hardest things for freelancers to get their head around is the financial side of their business. Maybe you want to be creative and expressive, not bogged down with worries over invoices and finances.
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