The Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success |

Want to know the keys to entrepreneurial success? Who better to learn from than successful entrepreneurs! So, what is entrepreneurial success? IGI Global defines entrepreneurial success as “the individual entrepreneur’s distinct understanding and appraisal of the accomplishment of standards that are personally crucial to him/her.” As success is a subjective measure, there is no one-size-fits-all … Continued

Exercise is the key to productivity says Virgin CEO |

  Richard Branson’s top tip for a productive day. There are countless ways to boost productivity, from to-do lists to morning routines, meditation to productivity apps, but according to the Virgin boss all you need to keep you energised throughout the day is exercise.

Finding financial freedom |

For many people, finances can be a scary topic and one which has been compounded by increased inflation, not to mention the global pandemic, which has affected so many people’s livelihoods. When looking at your personal finances it can be a minefield, never knowing how much to spend and what you should be saving, but … Continued

The billion-pound digital nomad |

In 2019 techpreneur Johnny Boufarhat launched Hopin, an online conference-hosting platform. Starting out with just six employees, he now employs more than 650 people. Of Lebanese origin, Boufarhat, who was born and raised in Australia and moved to the London as a teenager, is now the UK’s youngest self-made billionaire at the tender age of … Continued

Top tips for perfect email etiquette |

Email makes us more efficient right? Not necessarily, according to research by productivity software provider Boomerang. This month marks the 50th anniversary of email. Its inventor, Ray Tomlinson, declared at the time that it was “a complete revolution, fundamentally changing the way people communicate.” He wasn’t wrong. Fifty years on the average worker sends and … Continued

How to be an indispensable freelancer |

All businesses desire to establish mutually beneficial, long-standing relationships with clients, and its no different for freelancers. The gig-economy has skyrocketed during the pandemic with huge numbers of workers turning to freelancing, and not necessarily as a result of losing their jobs. Many are simply trying to earn some extra cash by maximising the extra … Continued

Top 5 new year resolutions for freelancers |

New year is not new year without resolutions, both personal and professional. 2020 was memorable for all the wrong reasons and its high time we put it very firmly behind us and look ahead with as much positivity as we can muster for the year ahead with our top 5 new year resolutions for freelancers.

Freelancer myths dispelled |

Freelancing is an increasingly popular career choice, but there are still certain myths surrounding what being a digital nomad really is. Here are some of the common misconceptions and how to thwart them.

5 ways to rebalance your work-life equilibrium |

Are the lines between your professional and personal life becoming increasingly blurred? Here are our top tips for striking a better work-life balance. As the new cohort of remote workers have discovered, working from home, the norm for freelancers before lockdown, may be liberating, but it also carries with it the potential for strain on … Continued