Staying waterproof as a remote worker

Businessman riding a bike in the rain with an umbrella

If you’re always on the move, working from a variety of locations, this time of year can see you getting a drenching. Stay waterproof with these tips…

One of the joys of remote working is the ability to work from anywhere. And in the summer, this is great as you cycle, walk or bus from location to location. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the idea of tracking down a café with WiFi become less a joy and more of a chore.

But you can stay dry and comfortable – and keep your equipment in working order – with these waterproofing tips.

The best way to make sure everything – from your phone to your laptop – doesn’t get broken by an unexpected downpour is to make sure you buy waterproof versions.

In this day and age, a number of leading smartphones will stand up to being splashed by rain and even submerged in a puddle.

hand holding a wet smartphone under rain

And you can even invest in waterproof and shockproof laptops. So if you’re outside typing away and are caught off guard by an autumn shower, then you work will still be safe and sound.

A cheaper option is to buy waterproof covers for these items.

When you’re commuting or moving from one remote working location to the next, you’ll pack up your belongings and throw them in a bag. But be warned that any old canvas rucksack won’t cut it – especially if you accidently leave it in a puddle while waiting for your bus.

Leather satchels are a good option. Make sure you give them a waterproofing with some wax before venturing out.

The same goes for waxed materials. These are lighter and more flexible than leather so make ideal bags. Or you could go for a simple waterproof hiking bag to make doubly sure your notes aren’t getting soaked.

Keeping your equipment and work dry is one thing – but keeping yourself dry is another. After all, you don’t want to turn up to a meeting drenched or spend the afternoon working with wet feet.

Make sure you wear a full length raincoat to cover as much of you as possible. And always carry a good umbrella. If you’re cycling, invest in a lightweight poncho to prevent you from getting wet.

And if you have room, pack a spare pair of socks in your bag, or keep some smart shoes in your bike’s waterproof bag.


Posted by The Secret Businessman