Starting a business requires help and support


Entrepreneurs are expected to be generalists – jack of all trades so to speak – with a little expertise and inspiration in all areas.



When setting up a company, it is usually incumbent on the founder to manage all aspects of the firm, unless they are in a position to hire staff from the outset.


Most start-up creators are not – they simply do not have the level of funding to hire employees until they start generating a return on their investment.


And this means, initially at least, they have to manage finances, admin, marketing and sales – not to mention product development.


We’ve all been there when setting up a firm – and it’s without doubt a challenging time when there aren’t other people to lean on and delegate tasks to.


As such, it’s vital that businesspeople maintain a little goodwill with family and friends – they should not be ashamed to call in the odd favour here or there to help them out.


Being too proud to ask for help can be a major problem – this risks leaving business owners isolated and without the support structure they need.


You may not be able to pay your willing supporters – at least initially – but you can always pay them in kind at a later date.


Who knows, you may even inspire them to start their own company, following in your footsteps.


Posted by the Secret Businessman