Snack Attack! Get more from your daily treats

Two bowls of oatmeal porridge with blueberries, pear, banana and almonds on rustic white table background. Table top view

If you’re hunting for healthy snacks while you’re working, look no further than our list of 8 healthy hits that can get you through the day.

We all know how it is when you’re hungry and trying to work. It’s difficult. You keep checking the clock, willing it to click over to lunch time, or dinner time if you’re working late.

For most of us, this means reaching for the snacks. These are usually chocolate bars, crisps and other junk food that simply is no good for us. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Here are some great, healthy snacks to help keep hunger at bay during your working day.

Keep it simple by grabbing a handful of nuts to help stave off your hunger. Natural nuts are a great snack because they’re high in fibre, protein, vitamin E and healthy fats. Our favourites are almonds, but other good options are Brazil nuts, cashews and hazelnuts.

Almonds and walnuts in containers, close-upDried fruit
A fistful of raisins or sultanas halfway through your working session can be a great way to boost your fibre and nutrient intake while supplying your body with large amounts of antioxidants. Be careful with your portion sizes, though, as dried fruits are also high in sugars and calories, so try mixing it with nuts for a better mix.

Providing you’re not lactose intolerant, yogurt is an excellent snack food — as long as it’s not loaded with sugary flavoured stuff. A great option is plain Greek yogurt, which you can jazz up with fresh fruit, dried fruit or honey for extra flavour.

Not just a breakfast staple, porridge can be a filling snack throughout your day. And it doesn’t just have to be a sweet thing, either. If you’re bored of jam or chocolate spread, why not try adding some savoury options? Our favourite is sun-dried tomatoes, pesto or parmesan. Try it!

Boiled eggs
A hard-boiled egg is an excellent snack to help you control your hunger, with around 80 calories in each one. Of course, it does require a little bit of forward planning, but if you boil a handful in one go then you’ll have hard-boiled eggs in your fridge just waiting to be snacked on.

Hummus and vegetables
Hummus is a good low-fat snack that you can either make yourself in batches or buy from any local supermarket. To make the most of your hummus, eat it with some fresh salad vegetables like carrots, peppers, celery and cucumber.

Dark chocolate
While snacking on chocolate bars can lead to sugar crashes and lower energy levels, the odd piece of dark chocolate can be a great snack. Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, while studies have even shown that it can even lower the risk of heart disease.

If you steer clear of the popcorn that’s slathered in caramel and sugar, it can actually be a healthy wholegrain food that’s low in calories (around 30 calories per cup) while being high in GI means it fills you up quickly. Adding a bit of curry powder can spice up this treat.


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