SMEs urged to understand the huge potential of the net


Local Business Week drew to a close on Sunday (May 18th) and plenty of useful information for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) has emerged as a result of the campaign.


Organiser Phil Browne told the Guardian that the aim of the initiative was for shoppers to stay local for a week, but also to make SMEs aware of the part that social media and a strong online presence has on growth.


The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) released figures showing that one-in-four SMEs don’t have a website and of those that do, only one third use their site for sales.


Mr Browne said: “With this in mind and despite the success of the campaign, we’re left feeling that there is still much work to do in helping busy SME owners, both current and future, truly understand the benefits technology can bring to their business.”


SMEs are therefore being urged to recognise that the old ways in which to target customers – for instance, print and posters – are dying. It’s therefore absolutely crucial that businesses look to digital marketing to promote their brand and reach their target audience.


According to the Guardian, social media platforms have a “huge” potential to innovate businesses of any size – small, medium or large. They offer a space in which companies and individuals can benefit from having access to creative clusters of professionals who are willing to share their ideas.


And while many SMEs may not have the same kind of resources as bigger companies, that shouldn’t be a deterrent when working to create an online profile – it doesn’t have to be a frightening or daunting experience.


Instead, investigate where your current and potential customers are and, like a tiger waiting to pounce, target them. Focus on matters that interest them through high-quality, relevant content. In this way you’ll be able to attract people to the virtual space and in turn, to your brand.


Posted by the Secret Businessman