SMEs optimistic about future of UK business


It seems small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are looking on the bright side with regards to the future of business in the UK.


The latest quarterly findings from BDRC Continental’s Business Opinion Omnibus showed that SMEs posted a net optimism score of ten per cent in the first quarter of 2013.


This figure, while still low, is more than twice the level seen in the same period last year showing a recovery from the lows of economic pessimism experienced by many of late.


Swagata Sen, business opinion omnibus manager at BDRC, said: “Economic optimism amongst SMEs has remained low but stable going into 2013, despite the constant threat of a triple dip recession in the UK, unresolved eurozone crisis and stagnation of growth in the domestic economy.”


This view that the economy is growing is great, but let’s not forget that a sustained recovery and for the government to keep its promises to SMEs will really help to put a smile on our faces.


Posted by the Secret Businessman