SMEs expanding, but concerns over workforce increase


Over a third of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) experienced growth in the last quarter.

Research conducted by the insurance firm Zurich has found that 37 per cent of firms questioned had seen their business expand over the three-month period.

The study also reported more positive news in that fewer companies were concerned over the direction the economy was heading, with 68 per cent admitting they were worried – compared with 84 per cent who said the same thing a year ago.

However, the research also highlighted that employee retention could end up being a key issue that many SMEs end up focusing on in the coming months.

As well as their ability to hold on to important members of staff, business owners were also worried about the lack of availability when it came to scouting out skilled workers. Employee morale was another point of contention.

Do your feelings mirror those of the Zurich survey?

Posted by the Secret Businessman