SMEs encouraged to advertise

VV 13 Oct 2a

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are being urged to invest more of their funds into advertising.

A report for the Advertising Association (AA), released today (January 30th), found that just 30 per cent of businesses spend money on getting the name of their product or brand out to the wider audience in this way.

The AA also highlighted that SME advertising outlay accounts for just 18 per cent of the market, despite the fact they currently represent 40 per cent of UK revenues.

Sam Blackie, director at Deloitte, which carried out the survey, said: “An increase in investment in advertising will lead to SMEs and their exports growing, helping to further sustain the UK economy.”

Mr Blackie also noted more “needs to be done” to help business owners take advantage of opportunities in order to grow.

In addition, the AA said it believed competition, innovation and expansion would all benefit if more of a focus was placed on advertising.

Posted by the Secret Businessman