Small businesses must focus on sustainability


Too many small businesses aren’t focusing on green policies as they are too busy trying to grow.



That’s according to a study sponsored by package delivery company UPS, which shows that 64 per cent of small businesses don’t have an environmental strategy written up, Fresh Business Thinking reports.


In my view, that’s very shortsighted. Yes, it’s important to focus on how to grow your company, but investing in a green future is crucial in this day and age. Avoiding the issue will only cost you clients and customers.


Cindy Miller, managing director at UPS UK, said: “With consumers and suppliers increasingly demanding environmentally responsible practices, those businesses that embrace sustainability measures will have a competitive advantage in the long run.”


I urge you, therefore, to look at ways in which you can cut your carbon footprint and have this mantra in your head: “Sustainable, business growth and innovation are inextricably linked.”

Posted by the Secret Businessman