Small businesses are turning to cloud computing

BE 21 Apr 2a

Small businesses are increasingly jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon.

Firms of this size are recognising how storing data and running software on the cloud is a great way of improving efficiency.

Indeed, the Global Cloud Computing Market Forecast highlights how the medium is expected to grow by 30 per cent annually until 2020.

Chris Harding, forum director at The Open Group, told the Guardian that once businesses have chosen the right type of cloud service for them, they can look to introduce flexibility into the system.

One issue that firms should bear in mind is security, as if they are going to embrace the bring your own device trend, steps need to be taken to prevent important information – especially if it could be of interest to competitors – from falling into the wrong hands.

“Is your data safe? The answer – in most cases – and with reputable cloud suppliers, is yes,” he added.

Posted by the Secret Businessman