Skills to brush up on during a quiet freelance spell

Make the most of the opportunity to boost your CV and benefit your business.

Try sharpening up these skills when deadlines are in decline…

If Javascript, Solidity and Perl sound new to you, it could be worth taking a crash course in coding. Digital script dictates the appearance of websites and the functions of software, and those literate in the language are in high demand. Many developers and engineers build their knowledge using free courses and intuitive apps that have given them the skills to take on a broad selection of client briefs – this could be your chance to join them.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the number one web traffic tracker and reporter. Build a profile of your typical customer, discover what pages are most popular with visitors and learn more about your conversion rates to fine-tune your website for clients, or your own projects. Stream free YouTube tutorials or enrol on a course with the Analytics Academy, both available for a range of user levels.

Accounting skills
Your freelancing career may have started as a hobby but since you turned professional it makes sense to understand your finances better. There are a number of free courses available to help you with the basics or more advanced subjects, including accounting strategy and management accounting. Improving your money skills could help you plan for the future, or simply negotiate your rates with added confidence.

Social media management
Providing a great service or offering a unique product is often not enough in today’s business world, so taking your freelancing further could hinge on your marketing. There are some excellent blogs with tagging tips, advice on engagement and strategies for building a social calendar – or you could always enrol on a course for a more structured approach. The new skills will benefit your business and could even help a client one day.

A foreign language
Whether your service is popular in a certain region or you’re having communication problems with a client, improving your language skills can make the world of difference. You could try the usual apps and free courses but a language exchange partner could be the catalyst to becoming fluent faster. Simply chat with a native speaker looking to learn English about your shared interests. Copywriters could even add a string to their bow and eventually share their writing skills with a new audience.


Posted by Adam Kirby

Image credits: Ridofranz via iStock & YakobchukOlena