Setting up a business at home – the early days

Does anyone remember Men Behaving Badly? It was that pretty terrible 1990s TV show about the lives and loves of two annoying flatmates. They were always having a “laugh” and engaging in “banter” down the pub and suchlike.


Anyway, if you remember the programme, good – because that’s what my house looked like back when I first set up my business. (Actually, maybe The Young Ones is a better analogy…).


It was a right old mess. I was single, I was in my early 30s and I was male (I still am male, come to think of it). Whenever I had a friend round they would gasp at the sheer scale of mess in the place.


But the point I’m making is that this is how I started. Everything starts from somewhere – and for me it was a grotty little flat in Essex.


It’s how I got going as a businessman. It’s where I secured my first contract. It’s where I set up my website. It’s where I spoke to my first customer.


At night it was where I’d sink a glass of wine or two, dream and come up with grand schemes and big ideas for the future. Some of which, a year on, I’ve actually managed to realise. It was my hub, my domain – it was my business.


I came to realise you don’t need a big, grand space when starting out. You need ideas, passion, commitment. You can start a business from anywhere.


But what are your plans? How are you getting your business off the ground?